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From cloud solutions to mobile applications and the advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities that are poised to disrupt and redefine how we live, work and play, the technologies of tomorrow are all dependent on one thing – the data center. And, as these new technologies become increasingly pervasive and essential, the importance of the data center only rises.

We launched Data Centers Today to help inform, educate and collaborate with the network, facilities, operations and IT professionals who build, manage, maintain and rely on these data centers. We’ll cover topics such as new trends in the data center industry, new advancements in data center technologies, the impact that increasing computing requirements are having on data centers and other data center-centric themes.

For executives looking to grow and expand their businesses – whether they’re IT companies or those that rely on advanced IT solutions in their day-to-day operations – we’ll be sharing best practices and tips for making the best data center decisions. Should a company lease, build or buy? How could wholesale data center providers play a pivotal role in helping a company grow or gain a competitive edge? We’ll seek to explore these questions and more.

And we want to hear from you. Is there a particular topic that you’d like us to cover? Do you feel passionately about a topic and want to weigh in? Feel like we missed the mark on a story? Drop us a line via the “contact us” form below and let us know about it. Also, comment on our articles and let us know your point of view.

Together, we’ll turn this community into one of the top destinations for data center news and discussion.